Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Circle Hostel Zambales Day 1: Photo Diary

June 6, 2017: My cousin and I went for another escape from the city! This time we went to Liwliwa, San Felipe, Zambales to experience the fun, quirky vibes of The Circle Hostel.

Went during the weekdays so we had the place and the beach almost to ourselves. (There were only four people, including us, booked during our stay.) Haha! The weather was having a fit on our first day. It rained quite hard, but it didn't stop us from enjoying the waves. It was pretty cold though. Haha!

Here's a photo diary:

circle hostel day 1_1

Commuted via Victory Liner bus. I think it took us ~5 hours to reach Liwliwa. Whew!

Upon arriving, we checked in, put our bags in our dorm then went to Mommy Phoebe's Place for our 3-PM lunch. Mommy Phoebe's Place is just beside The Circle Hostel.

circle hostel day 1_4

circle hostel day 1_6

One of the best things during our stay is the very positive vibe of nanay (the cook in Mommy Phoebe's Place). She's so accommodating and very friendly. She even introduced to us their dogs.

circle hostel day 1_9 circle hostel day 1_10

Their meals are mostly Php 80/meal but they're good.

circle hostel day 1_11

Afterward, we visited the beach to have a look around.

circle hostel day 1_14

Told you the weather was gloomy. 😲

Now, some glimpse of The Circle Hostel

circle hostel day 1_17

Colorful lockers! Look there's my name!

circle hostel day 1_18

We booked our bunk beds two weeks before our schedule. The bunk bed is Php 450/person/night. They also offer hammocks for Php 350/person/night.

circle hostel day 1_21

circle hostel day 1_22

circle hostel day 1_23 circle hostel day 1_24
circle hostel day 1_25 circle hostel day 1_26

The common area. Sab also taught me how to play sungka!

circle hostel day 1_28

circle hostel day 1_29

circle hostel day 1_34

We didn't go into the water because of the huge waves (and none of us can swim. Haha!). But we still enjoyed the waves and beach as much as we could. After that, we headed back to The Circle Hostel and lounged around the common area. It was fun reading the writings in the common area! 😁


More pictures soon from our second day!

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