Sunday, July 9, 2017

Real Surf, Real, Quezon: Photo Diary

May 20-21, 2017: The original MIMS Buddies went to Real, Quezon to have a quick getaway from the city! It's been months since our last meetup, so yey for this opportunity to catch up and enjoy each other's company.

I didn't take much photos. But here's a quick photo diary!

real surf day 1_2

Our check in at Real Surf was supposed to be at 12 noon (or 2 PM? I can't remember. lol) but we arrived at around 3 or 4 PM. 😂

real surf day 1_3

real surf day 1_4

real surf day 1_5

The cabanas in Real Surf.

real surf day 1_6

Our cabana! 😊

We had a quick swim or rather dip to get the grease and dirt off our faces and bodies. lol By ~5-6 PM, the beach is already off-limits for safety reasons. After dinner, we played games and then sat by the bonfire.
At Real Surf, it's okay to bring in food but I think some select drinks are not allowed, or you have to pay for corkage. Since the prices of food are quite expensive in Real Surf, we opted to buy groceries and foods beforehand.

PS, they have clean common bathrooms and toilets, which is a very big plus for me! The ate in the information desk/bar is also friendly! 😀

real surf day 1_7

real surf day 1_8

Some of us retired early because we're being titas. lol But the others stayed up late.

real surf day 2_1

The next day, we were greeted by this beautiful sunrise sky.

real surf day 2_4

Just look at the lovely colors!

real surf day 2_5

real surf day 2_6

real surf day 2_10

After we had our breakfast, we went back to the beach. Then lunch time at Infanta, Quezon.

real surf day 2_11


That's all for our quick trip! It was nice being with these folks again! Sadly, we weren't able to do stargazing because it was cloudy in the evening. Perhaps, some other time.

I hope to see again my original MIMS Buddies soon! 😁

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