Saturday, June 10, 2017

National Museum + Planetarium: Photo Diary

Hi folks!

May 13, 2017: It's typical that during summer people tend to go on vacations away from the city. And while we're part of the statistics, my friends/workmates and I also had a little break from the beaches, falls, and long travels. We toured Manila like a tourist and folks, it was fun!


We met up at Rizal Park at around 7 AM, had a quick breakfast/snack then went off to our first itinerary- the Planetarium.


For the whole month of May, Planetarium and the National Museum were offering free admissions! So yes, we took advantage of that. 😁

The queue was long by the time we arrived, but hey free is free! 😁


We watched A Planet for Golidilocks: The Search for a World that is "Just Right". Gave me a stiff neck (Haha!) but it was an entertaining short film.

5_national museum

After the Planetarium, we went to the National Museum of Fine Arts.

20_national museum

6_national museum

The famous Spolarium by Juan Luna

7_national museum

Studio furniture and assorted items of Fernando Amorsolo, National Artist for Painting

8_national museum

9_national museum

10_national museum

"A plea for freedom from fear"

12_national museum

18_national museum

13_national museum

I don't usually wander alone because I have a very poor sense of direction (Haha!) but there's something about exploring the halls alone, taking my time to see every exhibit.

I did go with my friends, but we went our separate ways once inside the museum. 😁

15_national museum

Woman in Distress by Benedicto R. Cabrera (BenCab), National Artist for Visual Arts

19_national museum

21_national museum

22_national museum

After the National Museum of Fine Arts, we had our lunch then went to National Museum of Anthropology.

23_national museum

San Diego

25_national museum

26_national museum

Jars from the sunken ship San Diego

28_national museum


29_national museum

Lobby outside the Marble Hall

30_national museum

31_national museum

32_national museum

33_national museum

University of the Philippines Sablay 🌻

34_national museum

35_national museum

36_national museum

37_national museum

38_national museum

39_national museum

40_national museum

41_national museum

Manunggul jar- secondary burial jar during the Neolithic period

42_national museum

43_national museum

An ifugao hut

44_national museum

Marble Hall

Of course, I did not take pictures of every exhibit. That would be insane. Haha! I suggest you visit our national museums too and have a glimpse of our culture and history through these beautiful exhibits!

After the national museums, we then went to Intramuros for another quick Manila adventure. Will have a photo diary of that soon! 😁


That's all folks!
Have a nice day!

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