Thursday, June 8, 2017

La Union Tour Day 2: Photo Diary

Hi folks!
Here's the second day of our La Union Tour!

It wasn't as exciting as our first day, but hey, I still had a nice time. Here's a quick photo diary:

la union day 2_1

Where we stayed the night- Yang House. It's just a ~5-minute walk to the beach.

la union day 2_2

Here's the small lobby going to the dining area. I was not able to take a picture of our room, but trust me it's pretty decent. 😉

Our first stop for the day: Ma-Cho Temple

la union day 2_3

la union day 2_4

la union day 2_5

Ma-Cho Temple is a Taoist temple constructed in September 11, 1975. It is located in San Fernando city, facing the China Sea.

la union day 2_6

After the Ma-Cho Temple, we had a quick lunch at Jollibee. Haha! I know, refreshing eh? Then we went to Pindangan Ruins.

la union day 2_7

la union day 2_8

Just outside the Ruins, cute eh? (Photo by Shein)

la union day 2_9

la union day 2_10

Located at Brgy. San Vicente, San Fernando City, Pindangan Ruins was a church built by Spanish friars on 1764. However, due to numerous raids by Japanese, Chinese and Moro pirates, the church was relocated to Brgy. Tanqui then to Brgy. Cabaroan.

The Ruins is now under the care of the Carmelite Sisters.

la union day 2_11

la union day 2_12

la union day 2_13

Next stop: Thunderbird at Poro Point

la union day 2_14

la union day 2_15

This Mediterranean-inspired resort-town is also located in San Fernando City. With its white-washed building and cobalt blue domes and accents, one would definitely have the Greece feels.

la union day 2_16

Thunderbird is overlooking the West Philippine Sea.

la union day 2_17

la union day 2_18

The place is still undergoing development, but even so it still looks beautiful. Here's their official website: Thunderbird Resorts and Casinos- Poro Point.

la union day 2_19

la union day 2_21

Just a few minutes away from Thunderbird is the Poro Point lighthouse.

la union day 2_22

After a quick trip to the light house, we also dropped by Halo-halo de Iloko. The place was jam-packed so we had our halo-halo to go.

la union day 2_23

Last stop: Manguerra Grapes Farm

la union day 2_24

la union day 2_25

la union day 2_26

I don't really remember how much one kilo is. Lol But I think it's around Php 200? I also bought their red wine. Two small bottles or one big bottle for Php 150. It tastes good folks. 😉


After the farm, we headed back to Manila!

It was a fun two-day tour with my workmates! I hope to visit La Union again some time in the future to enjoy the beach!


Have a nice day folks!

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