Monday, June 19, 2017

A Chapter About to Close

This particular chapter of my life has been dragging me down. It was okay in the beginning. There's a promise of something. But things didn't work out. And now, I have to let go.

To the person concerned, I am sorry. I am sorry because I cannot stay. I am tired. I am unhappy. I have to go.

Please know that I tried my best to stick with you. You know how I feel about you. I wrote you a letter, remember?

I tried my best to be your friend, but you were never there. All those messages, all those well-wishes and reminders- useless, fruitless. I never felt that you're a friend. Can friendship be one-sided as well?

Perhaps you don't really need me, a friend. Perhaps you're looking for a different kind of person, a different kind of relationship. Perhaps you don't know how to be a friend.

I am sorry. I am tired. I am unhappy. This chapter has to end.

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