Sunday, May 28, 2017

La Union Tour Day 1: Photo Diary

April 29-30: My workmates/friends and I had a two-day tour in La Union! Yey! I think this trip was mentioned a month before our tour date, so we had plenty of time to ready ourselves. Haha!

We availed the package tour from Triple J Travel and Tours (Facebook page here) for Php 2,099/person (exclusive tour).

First in our itinerary: Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel.

We had a mishap here. Haha! We were supposed to be at the start of the trekking site, but we had a detour to a shorter route (meaning there'll be no trek). lol We went back though because our tour guide was waiting for us.

When we arrived at the site, we quickly changed to our trekking clothes, then started the ~3.75 km trek to Tangadan Falls.

La Union_2017_Day1_1

La Union_2017_Day1_2

La Union_2017_Day1_3

La Union_2017_Day1_4

La Union_2017_Day1_5

La Union_2017_Day1_6

La Union_2017_Day1_7

La Union_2017_Day1_8

I could just lie down in this lovely meadow!

La Union_2017_Day1_9

Though it took as ~2-2.5 hours to reach the falls, the trek actually was quite easy.

La Union_2017_Day1_10

We rented life vests for Php 50 each. (Ph source: Shein)

La Union_2017_Day1_11

(Ph source: Shein)

La Union_2017_Day1_12

The gang (Ph source: Shein)

Notes: One has to be careful not to touch some plants because they cause itchiness and other skin irritation that may last for weeks. The tour guide will warn you if you have reached a certain area with those kinds of plants.

Also, if you visit Tangadan Falls during the peak season, i.e. summer, expect long queue in showers.

La Union_2017_Day1_13

After the trek, we had our lunch then went to Bahay na Bato.

La Union_2017_Day1_19

Bahay na Bato is located at Nalvo Norte, Luna, La Union and is owned and operated by Dr. Edison and Dr. Purita Chan-Noble. The house used to be their rest house until they opened it for public as a tourist destination last 2015.

Bahay na Bato also houses the works of Mr. Bong Kim, a Korean national who is an expert in painting stones and wood sculpture. He also helped develop the site and the rest house sometime in 2000.

La Union_2017_Day1_14

La Union_2017_Day1_15

La Union_2017_Day1_16

La Union_2017_Day1_17

La Union_2017_Day1_18

After Bahay na Bato, we had a quick trip to Baluarte watchtower, located at Brgy. Victoria, Luna, La Union.

The watchtower was built during the Spanish era, as a fortress to warn the residents against pirates. It was declared as a national historical landmark in 2013.

In 2015, the watchtower was split in half due to the big waves caused by Typhoon Lando. The rehabilitation of the site was completed in April 2017.

La Union_2017_Day1_20

After the Baluarte, we went to our apartelle- Yang House (Facebook page here), had a quick rest, then went to the beach to watch the sunset!

La Union_2017_Day1_21

Yep, folks it was crowded. But nevertheless, the sunset was still beautiful.

La Union_2017_Day1_22

La Union_2017_Day1_23

Brgy. Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

La Union_2017_Day1_25

La Union_2017_Day1_26

We spent some time in the beach, had our dinner then went back to the apartelle to rest.

It was an eventful day, but nevertheless fun! 😁

That's all folks for our first day in La Union.

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