Saturday, April 8, 2017

Antipolo, Rizal: Photo Diary

March 11, 2017: Antipolo, Rizal Day Tour with my cousin, Isabel.

The tour was organized by an Antipolo local so we had the whole package at a cheaper price. :) Here are some of the photos my cousin and I took:

antipolo 2017_1

First stop, Antipolo Cathedral
I was not able to take a photo of the Cathedral. Haha! But let's move on. After one hour, we had our lunch at Cafe Siena.

antipolo 2017_2

antipolo 2017_3

After our lunch, we headed to Mystical Cave. And oh boy, this stop made me sweat a lot. Haha! If you will visit the Mystical Cave, be prepared for the stairs. I think it was 100-250 steps? Lol, I forgot.

antipolo 2017_4

Inside Mystical Cave...

antipolo 2017_5

antipolo 2017_7

antipolo 2017_8

Okay, I took crappy pictures. Haha! But I promise, it's beautiful inside the cave!

antipolo 2017_10

After the cave, my cousin and I, with a few others, went on a hike to Puting Krus (White Cross). (Lol guys, I also forgot the name. Haha!)

Obviously, I was not at all prepared for the hike. I was wearing a tight, ripped jeans and Converse shoes! Lol

antipolo 2017_11

antipolo 2017_13

It was really hot. But the view was worth it. Haha!

antipolo 2017_12

Next, a short trip to Hinulugang Taktak

antipolo 2017_14

The falls is not in good condition. I do hope the government will do their best in restoring Hinulugang Taktak. :(

Second to the last stop, Pinto Museum! Here are some of the photos...

antipolo 2017_15

antipolo 2017_16

antipolo 2017_17

antipolo 2017_18

antipolo 2017_19

antipolo 2017_21

antipolo 2017_23

antipolo 2017_25

antipolo 2017_26

antipolo 2017_27

This is one of my favorites in Pinto Art Museum: Oblivious by Steph Lopez.

antipolo 2017_29

antipolo 2017_28

antipolo 2017_30

Last stop was 360 Viewpoint Cloud 9, where we had our dinner while witnessing the sunset. We also crossed the hanging bridge!

antipolo 2017_31

antipolo 2017_33

City lights

antipolo 2017_32


Whew! It was a tiring day, but I really enjoyed our Antipolo tour!

'Til my next trip!

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