Saturday, January 28, 2017

Not Meant To Stay

I used to not know where I stand. I used to be unsure of what we are to each other. But I had this moment of clarity- that some people are meant to cross our paths, but are not meant to stay.

We will soon bid goodbye. I know, because we are already drifting apart. But it's okay. The hole in my chest will heal in time. And in the future, I will remember you and think of our memories- both happy and sad. Yes, even the sad ones, because they too make us.

So here are the things I am going to do... I will enjoy each moment we have, each moment we can spare to be together, no matter how short that time is. I will continue to embrace your flaws. I will continue to listen to you during your bad days. I will be here while we still have our time.

I will not get mad when you don't answer. I will not get anxious when you're distant. I won't question you anymore, because I have accepted that you will not stay. I will give you my love, not because I want to receive the same love but because you deserve it.

We may not know now why we met in the first place, why the world conspired for us to cross paths. But I know that we are life lessons to each other. Like in a book, we are instruments to each other's character development. And for that, I am grateful no matter how short our time will be.

What I really want to say is, it is okay if you think our time is already up. It is okay to leave. It is okay to say goodbye. You don't need to make any excuses. Just tell me the truth and go. Remember, I already know that you are not meant to stay.

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