Saturday, January 14, 2017

Corregidor: Photo Diary

November 19, 2016: Corregidor day tour with my friends/workmates. We bought a day tour package, the one with free buffet lunch, from Sun Cruises for only Php 2,750. 😁

Here's a quick photo diary:

corregidor 1

corregidor 5

corregidor 6

corregidor 7

I think this is Middleside Barracks? lol I cannot remember.

corregidor 13

Battery Way

corregidor 20

corregidor 22

corregidor 30

Battery Grubbs

corregidor 33

corregidor 35

corregidor 36

corregidor 41

Eternal Flame of Freedom- “To live in freedom’s light is the right of mankind.”

corregidor 43

Pacific War Memorial Dome

corregidor 44

corregidor 46

corregidor 47

Corregidor lighthouse

corregidor 52

corregidor 55

There are many holes like this in Corregidor. If I remember correctly, these holes hid many soldiers during the war.

corregidor 59

corregidor 62

Malinta Tunnel. The light show is not part of the package, so we paid for our own entrance. It costs Php 200/person.

corregidor 65

corregidor 67


Thanks Sun Cruises for the tour! I hope to visit again and really get to know the island's rich history.

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