Sunday, February 7, 2016

Rescued From Myself

When we want something, we tend to have wrong interpretation of things. We tend to overthink, to over-analyze. I know. Because that's what I did.

I have this thing I have been praying for since college. I have been asking God for this for a really long while now. And I know that He wants me to wait- patiently and fruitfully. But sometimes emotions and worldly signs get in the way, and I misinterpret things.

What I thought were answers turned out to be lessons. And thank God for continuously reminding me to wait patiently, to focus my time and effort on more important things, and to trust Him completely. I thank God because He tirelessly directs my path and guides my decisions. I thank God because He, once again, rescued me from myself.

Last night, I recommitted myself to God. I know it will not be easy because there will be temptations in this world of sin. But I know that His Spirit will never let me fall. And whatever happens, He will rescue me from myself.

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