Friday, June 26, 2015


"Sometimes, the word 'wait' can feel like a 'weight.' But when you choose to cast that care knowing that God has your best interest at hearts, the waiting time turns to rest. It becomes a time to rejoice for what God will do." -Ptr Naeem Callaway

Have you ever waited? And I'm not talking about waiting-for-the-bus/ waiting-for-your-food-to-be-served waiting. I mean waiting for a break in your life. Waiting for that one special moment when you feel like a new chapter in your life is about to unfold. Have you?

I have waited many times in my life. And honestly, it's not a really good feeling. It's like my life was just hanging, like I was just suspended, nothing exciting happening. It can be really scary. I have felt the fear that comes from waiting. Scared that maybe my life was not supposed to be colorful and spicy and whatever happy, adventurous terms one can think of.

I have felt being incomplete from doing nothing, from just waiting for something big to happen. I have felt wasted and useless for not being out there in the world. I have felt the lack of direction. I have felt unfulfilled.

Looking back, I was really happy that I held on. Thank you to Jesus because during those times of waiting, he continuously reminded me that something will happen. He reminded me that my future was already set and that I should not be afraid. And he reminded me to make use of my waiting time wisely.

God is good. Actually, he is great. During those times of my waiting, he made me relearn how to trust him even if my future is unknown. He told me that this life is not about what I do, that it's not about what I accomplish. Rather, this life is all about Jesus and how I live for Him.

A simple truth that I always forget. Life is all about Jesus.

Have you worried for your seemingly bleak future? If yes, then the Bible says don't.

Let us be reminded that worrying will never accomplish anything. Let us be reminded that Jesus got everything under control.

I'm pretty sure there will still be waiting times in the future. But I know that Jesus will again remind me to use my time serving Him rather than worrying.

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