Sunday, February 8, 2015

Small Act of Kindness

As I stand at the top of the world,
I see people, young and old.
Some are happy, some are sad.
I'm confused, and I don't understand.

As I sit wondering why
A tear fell from my eye
I see hunger, I see pain
I see people wrapped in chain

Others living in harmony
Some living in misery
Some are laughing
Others are dying.

"It is your mission," Someone said.
"Stand up my child, and be the head.
Make them happy, make them glad.
Do something; don't be sad.

Little things can make a difference
Do not hesitate, it will make sense
Do it with a heart that is true.
Don't be afraid, I'll stand by you."

The voice disappeared.
My purpose was revealed
Something that I can do
Something that I must do.

Simple ways to make them smile
Small act of kindness would go a mile
Helping others is not a crime
Make a difference, now is the time.


Why should we wait for tomorrow if we can do something today? No matter how big or small that act can be, as long as it is good and right, do it. Don't wait for any other moment. Don't wait for any other circumstances. Don't wait for tomorrow, especially if that tomorrow is never guaranteed.

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