Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A New Chapter

I've been praying for this. I've been waiting for this moment. And now the Lord answered my prayers. I am now a pharmacist.

During my review period, the Lord told me to trust Him, to just do my best and let Him do the rest. It was difficult since I am a big worrier myself. I was scared because what if being a pharmacist is not His plan for me? What if I'm designed to do something else? But He kept on reminding me that since I entered UP, He has always been there and that He will finish this for me.

So everyday, I surrendered everything to Him. Every night, I thanked Him and acknowledged that I am nothing without Him.

Indeed, He is the sole reason why I passed my licensure exam. He guided me and helped me from my review period until the actual board exam. To God be the glory!

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