Monday, June 11, 2018

Sand and Stars, Dinadiawan, Aurora 2018: Photo Diary

January 2018: Aaaaah finally, 2018 travels. To kick-start my 2018, Sab (my cousin) and I went to Dinadiawan, Aurora for an overnight stay in Sand and Stars.

It was a quick glamping experience but fun nevertheless! Here's a quick photo diary:

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Tali Beach 2017: Photo Diary

December 2017: This is a long overdue post, but better late than never, right?

Last December 2017, my high school friends and I had a quick getaway in Tali Beach, Batangas. I thought our Bolinao wouldn't be followed by another trip. Good thing, this one pushed through!

It's actually my second time in Tali Beach, but this time we rented a room at Jo and Johnny's Beach and Dive Inn (website).

Here's a quick photo diary:

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Baguio 2017 Day 3: Photo Diary

Hi folks!

Here's my last post for Baguio!

As mentioned in my previous post, our agenda for this day were: La Trinidad Strawberry, Stobosa, Bell Church and Philippine Military Academy.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Baguio 2017 Day 2 Part 2: Photo Diary

Hi folks!

Ok, I know I suck at updating my blogs (this one and my book blog). Aaaaaah! Sorry folks! Too many hustle! But here's the part 2 of our second day in Baguio. 😁

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Baguio 2017 Day 2, Part 1: Photo Diary

December 12: Second day of our Baguio adventure! Our itinerary for the day: Tam-Awan Village, the BenCab Museum and the Old Diplomat Hotel.

I took a lot of pictures so I am going to divide my post into two. Here's part 1- Tam-Awan Village and BenCab Museum.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Hopes for 2018: 10 Goals for the Year

Hi folks!

Happy 2018! I hope you're having a good start!

For this post, I want to share with you guys my 2018 goals- things I hope to do or accomplish by the end of the year.

1. Daily morning devotion
My mornings are most of the time fast-paced. I wake up, shower, get ready, then off I go to work. I have my breakfasts in the office, as well as my daily Bible-readings c/o Our Daily Bread. And while that practice gives me my daily dose of the Word, I find that it lacks some 'personal touch'. It lacks the quietness and solemnity that devotions should have.

Thus, this 2018 I want to dedicate 30 minutes of my 'morning routine' in devotion time i.e. Bible reading and praying. Of course I can only do this if I'll wake up earlier than usual. I'll make it work. 😊

2. Daily journal entries
I would also like to allot time writing in my journal daily. I've been writing my thoughts, prayers, hopes, lists, memories, etc. in my journal since November 2010 but I don't do it daily. Or I would do it daily in some months, then fail to pick it up in other months. Meh. 

So for this new year, I have to remind myself to write daily. It'll also help me process my thoughts and feelings. And it'll help me take some things off my mind.

3. Read 30 books
In 2017, I also set 30 books to read. I only read 22. Haha! Hopefully, I will be able to reach my goal of 30 books this 2018!

Currently, I'm reading God's Not Dead by Rice Broocks and A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir. 😊

4. Regular blog posts
Ha! With my quite busy working schedule, I am not sure if I can post regularly, but I will do my best. What I need to do is schedule posts in advance for me to stay on track. (That is if I can write drafts in advance. Haha!)

5. Writing ministry
I've been eyeing this ministry for a while now. I have few topics and ideas but I haven't had the time to process them and actually write about them.

If God is willing, I pray that I'll be able to pursue this. 💗

6. Office nook makeover
One of my dreams is to have a home office. Haha! But since I'm still living with my parents, I can only satisfy myself with a nook. One step at a time, folks. One step at a time. 😁

I already set-up my space last November. I just need a few re-organization and makeovers to make it more final. Haha!

7. More travel/adventure
Aaah yes! I am in one of my happiest elements whenever I travel or go on an adventure! I would like to explore more of the Philippines. And hopefully, I'll have one out-of-the-country trip this year.

Ehem, hi travel buddies! 🙌

8. Build up emergency fund
Haha! Ok this one. I seriously, seriously need to add more to my emergency fund.

And stop withdrawing from it! Gaah Aizel! 😂

9. Make new friends
I am not really a social person. Haha! If you don't talk to me, I will most likely not talk to you. So yes, I don't know why this is one of my goals. Lol

Gotta try though. 😁 I honestly love talking to other people, and hearing their stories. I think it's especially amazing when you have some things in common.

I think my problem is that I suck in text-based/digital communication (however you call it)- chats, texts, even phone calls. Lol I like talking in-person, face-to-face. So yeah. Good luck to me! 😁

10. Practice minimalism
I've been low-key practicing minimalism since late 2016. I regularly declutter. And I don't buy things I don't need. However, I still have life areas untouched by minimalism.

This year, I'll continue with this minimalist lifestyle, and up my game a little by having a wider scope. I still have my book collection to cull, my thoughts, routines, digital files, health and other life areas.

Go me! 😁

That's all folks. I still have few personal goals I cannot share here but these 10 are my top priorities.

How about you? Any goals for this year? 💗

Saturday, December 30, 2017

What My Year Was: 2017

2017, what a year!

I had a quick read of my 'happy moments' journal page a few days ago, and realized how packed my 2017 was. That's probably why I felt like it went by so fast. It was a crazy year for me- in all aspects of my life I believe. But nevertheless, 2017 was a good one. Here's a short photo diary of my 2017 highlights.

February 11: Hot Air Balloon Festival, Clark, Pampanga

February 17: Art Fair Philippines 2017

March 11: Antipolo, Rizal tour

March 15: Fun Home musical

April 09: Sunflower maze tour

April 28-30: La Union tour

May 13: National Planetarium, National Museums, Intramuros

May 20-21: Real Surf, Real, Quezon

June 06-07: The Circle Hostel, Zambales

June 24-25: Bolinao, Pangasinan

October 14-16: San Narciso, Zambales

October 18: Sound of Music musical

December 11-14: Baguio + La Trinidad, Benguet

December 22-23: Tali beach, Nasugbu, Batangas


Aside from my almost monthly adventures, my work also got a bit busier because of new responsibilities on top of my usual workload. Nevertheless, I am very grateful for the opportunity to develop other skills career-wise. In 2018, I know there'll be more challenges. But I am ready for them!

Emotionally and spiritually, I was (still am I think) quite unstable. There were rough patches at the start of the year, and loneliness crept in from time to time. Some days I felt like I was in my so-called valleys of life. But I know that God has lessons and plans for me. I know that He will never leave me alone, that He will never let me go.

A lot of things happened- adventures, experiences, lessons. It was indeed a mixture of happy and sad moments, of mountains and valleys. Through them all, God is with me. Of that I am very sure.

2018 is just around the corner. Life goes on. There will be another set of mountains and valleys. There will be new memories to make, goals to achieve. But I am ready to live the new year. I am ready to let toxic habits and relationships go. I am ready to face what is unknown. And I am ready to give and receive God's love and blessings.